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VectorRock was established in Ann Arbor, Michigan to service clients with regard to cybersecurity. You can count on us to continually develop our work and keep up to date with technological advancements in order to produce the best results. We believe in efficiency to proactively protect what’s most important to you.


Founded in 2016 by Nathan Dragun, the inventor and co-founder of Michigan Cyber Range. VectorRock’s mission is to train organizations in protecting themselves from cyber attackers.


Nathan Dragun


Over the past 20+ years Nathan Dragun has led solutions to complex issues in the areas of cybersecurity, computer networking, software development, and architectural design for various industries; ranging from small medical practices and Fortune 100 organizations to the US Department of Defense.

Nathan presents at multiple cybersecurity conferences and lectures nationally, and writes supporting documents for training cybersecurity specialists. These forums have put Nathan in the position to interface with corporate executives, foreign ambassadors, generals, state/federal senators and congressmen on cybersecurity issues.

Nathan leads his team in designing tactical scenarios for groups to engage in digital warfare. As the co-founder of the Michigan Cyber Range, he designed and built Alphaville, a virtual environment used for offensive and defensive security training; which is utilized today by foreign and domestic military organizations, local governments, education, and private sector businesses.

Jamel Nimer

Business Development Manager

Over the past 6+ years, Jamel has led sales teams for a multimillion dollar construction company and later, Germain/Audi/Porsche/Volkswagen; overseeing daily operations, managing sales teams for all of southeast Michigan, in addition to accounting for 36% of sales during his tenure in the automotive industry. Today, Jamel enthusiastically leads the VectorRock sales department in growing and improving customer relations and satisfaction.

Elizabeth Strong

Executive Administrative Assistant

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